Quinninup Project
The Antwalker Project, which also incorporates the Pipeclay Tree tenements, consists of two granted exploration licences (E70/5682 and E70/5745) and one pending exploration licence (E70/5455). These tenements are located within the Shire of Manjimup.

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Save Lake Quinninup

The magnificent forests of the South West that we all love only grow here because of our geological location, the soils, the minerals and our climate and these ecosystems do not exist anywhere else on the planet. Our climate is at an emergency level with the South West currently experiencing a 1.5-degree warming and the very bedrock sustaining our ...

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Environmental, Social and Governance

Investors beware!! On the surface Allup looks good. Demand for silica is skyrocketing driven by rapid growth in manufacturing of renewables kit, solar panels, smart devices and just about every other new and emerging tech that needs some pure grade silica. And supply is constrained, particularly from established producers in Asia, and this combined ...

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Who Do You Believe

Allups' plans to push ahead with the Antwalker project - a large open pit silica sand mine within the water catchment area of the State Forest located just a few hundred meters from Karri Lake and the peaceful settlement of Quinninup in the Southern Forest region of WA - completely fails to meet the ESG standards Allup Silica espouses on its website ...