Do You Really Allup?

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Allups' plans to push ahead with the Antwalker project - a large open pit silica sand mine within the water catchment area of the State Forest located just a few hundred meters from Karri Lake and the peaceful settlement of Quinninup in the Southern Forest region of WA - completely fails to meet the ESG standards Allup Silica espouses on its website (the ESG acronym encompasses Environmental, Social, and Governance factors).

The Quinninup community, for its part, is well organised, united, energised and highly motivated to oppose the mine. None of us want a mine on our doorstep - one that destroys the beauty, amenity, diversity and ecosystem services of the Karri Lake and its surroundings. Importantly the community is well informed. We have formed a team under the Quinninup Community Association known as the QCA - Stakeholder Coalition (SC) that draws on legal, environmental, mining, transport, as well as communications and other expertise. We have experienced activists and we have the ability to communicate our concerns across a broad range of media, as can be seen by our growing presence on social media, our dedicated website and a recent ABC report.

In many of the key areas of concern, we have established knowledge and expertise and will use this to oppose the mine, at every stage of the process. As an example, we have researched and analysed transport and haulage issues. We have interrogated a range of data sets, including the Main Roads RAV network and supply chain GIS data, we have considered what PBS options are available, and we have researched loading options and capacity at the 2 ports. Importantly we have interviewed and engaged with transport operators, Main Roads representatives, port operators and even other silica sand miners. We have carried out some simple transport modelling based on a range of production scenarios and haulage capacities, in order to calculate trucking frequency. We are doing this to increase awareness of how mine haulage will impact main street amenity of key towns such as Bridgetown, and to further build community opposition to the Allup Silica planned mine at 'Antwalker'.

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