Protect South-West Forests From Mining

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The magnificent forests of the South West that we all love only grow here because of our geological location, the soils, the minerals and our climate and these ecosystems do not exist anywhere else on the planet. Our climate is at an emergency level with the South West currently experiencing a 1.5-degree warming and the very bedrock sustaining our ecology is about to be decimated.

When Western Australia's Premier, Mark McGowan, promised an end to native forest logging on September 8 2021 he rang the bells of disaster which no one listened to. He said mining activities were exempt from the ban to cut down native forests. Eight months ago when he made this announcement to accolades, he knew exactly how many tenements were existing in the South West, but the general public lapped up the icing without a care for the cakes' contents.

Well, now we all need to know. It’s on every communitys' doorstep in the South West. Mining is worse than logging ever was. Even if you don’t sell your private land to the mining companies, your neighbour might - devaluing your property and impacting your amenities - or maybe you live next door to a state forest such as in Quinninup, where the state government can easily sign over rights to whom they please. In Quinninup this means 1,000,000 tonnes a year of silica sand being extracted and processed on-site 500 meters from the nearest residential property.

Traditionally mining was viewed as ok by our community when it occurred somewhere we didn’t choose to live, grow our food and holiday in. Out of sight out of mind. But now …. it’s very close to home and we can't ignore the significant risks and environmental consequences of mining.

Without cohesion our separate battles are fractured and it’s difficult to raise the profile to the level of protecting our vulnerable South West at a state and federal level. The QCA - Stakeholders Coalition would like to propose that we need to all deliver the same message to our government NO MORE MINING ACTIVITIES APPROVED IN OUR SOUTHWEST. And please, talk with your neighbours, friends, family, customers, guests and anyone that will listen, the South West is under threat. Raise objections and become informed.