There are


mining tenement applications in our area.

They cover the entire township of Quinninup, our private homes plus Karri Lake and surrounding farms, homes and businesses through out the area.

These NEW tenements stretch along Wheatley Coast Rd and Muirs Hwy towards Dingup and over to the South-West Hwy, Tinks Rd and north to Smith Brook and Middlesex.

Tenement E70/6261
Quinninup Tenement E70-6261
Tenement E70/6220
Quinninup Tenement E70-6220
Tenement E70/6200
Quinninup Tenement E70-6200
Tenement E70/6172
Quinninup Tenement E70-6172
Tenement E70/5455
Quinninup Tenement E70-5455

Overwhelmed by the legal jargon to object to mining tenements in your area?

Local Quinninup residents are here to help.

Our prepared documents are ready…please follow our guide below.



How to Lodge Your Objection in 10 Easy Steps

The quickest and easiest way to lodge your objection is online using the Department of Mines web portal.

We have a step by step guide to assist with the process.

Please download the guide and follow the steps.

Please copy and paste the objection text below or feel free write something in your own words

Quinninup and surrounds is uniquely bio-diverse. The south-west region of Western Australia is recognised worldwide as being under threat from reduced rainfall, deforestation, mining and climate change.

The south-west Jarrah and Karri Forests are incredibly precious, biodiverse and globally unique and they have been subject to extensive clearing and logging over the past 200 years.

The remaining mature, old-growth and two-tiered jarrah and karri forests and linkages between these ecosystems, waterways, First Nations cultural heritage, habitat for wildlife and recovering regrowth and rehabilitation areas are critically important for climate, biodiversity, water, culture, tourism and our communities.

I strongly oppose this application to explore for minerals on the following grounds:

1. Personal enjoyment of our home and surrounds;
2. Any mining activity is very likely to have a damaging impact by reducing the value of surrounding properties;
3. Noise pollution from mining activities and vehicle movement;
4. Phytophthora dieback is one of the biggest threats facing our native flora and fauna with human activity being responsible for its spread;
5. Adjacent to formal conservation reserves, National Parks and State Forest including the under-threat Tone-Perup Reserve;
6. The precautionary principle in our national environment law is mandatory for areas of threatened wildlife and environment;
7. Black Cockatoo habitat and rookery (Carnaby, Boudin and Red Tail);
8. Tenement falls within an Environmentally Sensitive Area;
9. Important river systems, waterways and wetlands;
10. WA Food Bowl - the area has significant value as highly productive commercial, boutique and small holding farm lands including livestock, fruit and vegetables and viticulture all susceptible to any mining activity;
11. Popular tourism zone with existing significant government and private infrastructure including major walk and biking trails Bibbulmun Track and Munda Biddi Trail which overlap the proposed tenement;
12. Crucial areas of remaining old growth Jarrah and Karri forests;
13. Two-tiered jarrah forested area;
14. Rare mainland-based Quokka, Western Quoll/Chuditch and Phascogales as vulnerable species;
15. Breeding grounds for native species of fauna and flora including rare orchids and other RTE (Rare Threatened Endangered) species.

Given the significant adverse impacts on multiple values, I trust that this application will be rejected.


How to Participate in Group Legal Representation

This offer is only applicable to the following 4 tenement numbers.
E70/6172, E70/6200, E70/6220, E70/6261
Please note; any objections you lodge for other tenements you are responsible for your own objection process, will be representing yourself at the Wardens Court, have your own individual legal costs.

The QCA-Stakeholders Coalition has organised legal representatives to assist our group of community objectors who are not able or do not wish to appear personally in the Wardens Court.

This generous pro-bono offer by Solicitor Dylan Parker and Barrister David Thompson is on a community group basis only.

If you wish to take up this offer you must complete this Notice of Representation form to have the solicitor and barrister represent you as part of the group action.


Sections you need to complete:

On page 1 - If you have lodged your objection online with DMIRS you will receive your objection dealing/ref numbers in an email. In the section boxes 'Dealing No." please enter the Dealing Number for each of the objections you have lodged.
On page 1 - enter your name as Objector in the section underneath Flinders Prospecting Pty Ltd
On page 4 - please read and tick the Acknowledgement box plus your signature, name and date.

Please note:

The original Notice of Representation form must be fully completed and signed by you and posted or delivered as soon as possible to;
ATTENTION: OBJECTIONS QCA-SC 1197 Wheatley Coast Rd, Quinninup 6258
Please send immediately so that we have time to have the form completed by the solicitor and submitted to the Wardens Court within the specified period.
You will need to make sure you enter your DMIRS Dealing numbers from your objection on this form.
It is vital you complete the Notice of Representation form and return to us in time, otherwise you will be representing yourself at the Warden’s Court.
Everyone who has lodged an objection is required to appear before the Wardens Court or complete the Notice of Representation or write to the Wardens Court explaining why they can not attend in person no less than 7 days prior the hearing date.
Please note: “A party who does not wish to attend in person or by lawyer or agent on the nominated mention hearing date must make written application not less than 7 days before the hearing. Costs may be awarded against a party for non attendance.”
This is a court process so it must be pointed out that costs can be awarded against parties who bring action.

For details on this representation please click the 'more information' button below.


We request that you do not contact them direct.

They are not in the position to take calls or emails from over 200 people without charging a fee.

If you require individual advice you will need to obtain it from another solicitor at your own cost.

They will only be communicating with the group via the QCA-SC
Not individually

If you have questions please contact the QCA-SC using the contact form below.

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Raise Your Objection

For your convenience, we have compiled a contacts list of the relevant ministers with whom you can communicate on this issue.

The ministers' postal and email addresses as well as information detailing their government departments and roles have been provided below to download either as a PDF or Word doc.

You can choose to contact one, or a number of ministers to help raise awareness of the Silica Mining threat in Quinninup and the South West.

To make it even easier for you to raise your objection we will be adding a letter template very soon.

Members of Parliament Contact List
Members of Parliament Contact List
Word Doc